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Having been brought up in a musical family, his mother a singer and father a keyboard player, Chris started playing the piano as soon as he was big enough to sit on the stool! His enthusiasm was further stimulated by hearing the likes of The Band , Tom Waits, Fleetwood Mac and countless others as he travelled to gigs and festivals with his parents. Being the youngest member of Wilson doesn’t mean he is lacking in experience as his CV will testify.


Through shows such as the Fiddlers Elbow Camden, Cavern Club, Liverpool and performances at the  WOMAD festival he has developed a great musicality playing with taste, style and flair. If at any point you are at a Wilson gig and you feel you recognize Chris, this may be due to the fact he took part in the BBC TV reality show Surviving the Iron Age. Although he was only 12 at the time!! Good preparation for being in a band though!!

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